Alexandra Stokes

Engineering Manager at REA Group

Alexandra Stokes is an Engineering Manager at REA Group in Finance and Business services. Alex has spent many years leading software delivery teams, and implementing Agile and Lean approaches to solving problems with technology.

Once upon a time she did write code in teams but that was before the internet. Among her side projects are a passion for encouraging more women to be in tech jobs, podcaster at and mother of three digital natives.

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Melbourne

Getting to Gender Parity Without the Awks


Most tech companies and companies in general have woken up to the benefits of embracing diversity in their populations, we have come to learn that this creates better products, more balanced decision making at the exec level and more empathetic cultures, but where do you start when your tech team is swayed in the wrong direction and too full of lads? Join Alex as she shares some stories about REA group’s journey towards gender balance in technology, and practical ideas for how to create tech team cultures that are welcoming and inclusive to women as we rapidly try and equal up the gender balance.