Andy Kelk

CTO at Marketplacer

Andy is the CTO at Marketplacer – provider of marketplace software platforms. With a background in digital businesses, Andy combines strong technology knowledge with commercial understanding.

Andy has previously worked for News Corp, REA Group, iProperty Group and Australia Post leading product and technology development. Andy works in agile environments and is passionate about developing and mentoring teams to build great products.

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Melbourne

Don’t Just Build the Thing Right – Build the Right Thing


The goal of this talk is to provide technical and engineering leaders the tools necessary to move from product delivery into product strategy. The CTO role varies by organisation but it often requires the incumbent to own or direct the product vision and direction. For those who have come from a delivery background this can be a distinct change in mindset and approach. This talk draws on my experience through companies large and small to provide clear advice on how to make the leap.

The talk will cover my journey from a delivery lead through a number of years learning about product to my current role where I am responsible for technology and product. It will feature a number of different techniques that I have used including impact mapping, customer-led design, finding the metrics that matter (pirate metrics) and tracking a product portfolio board.