John Sullivan

Head of Delivery at MYOB

A leader, transformer, creator, and developer of diverse delivery teams, John has worked in IT for over 30 years. Over the last 12+ years, his focus has been on building new and transforming existing delivery teams to become ones that other organisations aspire to emulate.

John has been one of the instigators and leaders of the agile cultural revolution which has transformed software delivery today in Australia. He believes in building a great IT industry and currently concentrates on improving its image, providing pathways for people to move into this industry with the aim of making it stronger for it to support the increasing needs of the future.

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Melbourne

A Common Vision is a Matter of Principle


This talk describes the strategy MYOB applied as it evolved its delivery group from independent application teams to a group which today builds towards one services platform that delivers a consistent experience for multiple products and brands. Using a strategy of applying a common vision, a set of principles and a set of practices, MYOB changed the focus of a 30+ team group to build towards a common platform goal.

This talk gives background to the approach and details the vision, practices, and principles which have been applied to achieve the change in focus.