Simon Wade

CTO at jtribe

Simon is a technology leader, software architect and developer with over 16 years experience at the forefront of software development. Simon is passionate about using technology and design thinking to create products that have a positive impact on society.

Simon believes that optimism is the only reasonable position and that science and technology is always at the beginning of an exponential curve, that all evils are caused by insufficient knowledge and that ””we have a duty not to prophesy evil but, rather, to fight for a better world”

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Melbourne

Conversational UI: Past, Present and Future


Recent developments in natural language processing have lead to a proliferation of new ways to interact with systems using chatbots. These developments present new opportunities for product design, and bring a powerful form human-computer interaction to a massive new audience. Product design can now include a variety of new ways of interacting with users, and the history of text-based interfaces can inform the design thinking as we navigate these uncharted waters. Finally, this presentation looks to the future where further developments in speech recognition will make current capabilities look hopelessly primitive and may take human-computer interaction to a whole new level of intimacy.