Tom Adams

Director of Engineering at Redbubble

Tom Adams is a Director of Engineering at Redbubble, working in the consumer & loyalty space, specialising in mobile. Prior to Redbubble he was principal consultant at Cogent, and the co-founder & CTO of Oomph. His current interests are in technical leadership, high performance & cloud computing and functional programming.

YOW! CTO Summit 2016 Melbourne

Career Growth with Impact


In small, fast moving companies, career development is often overlooked in favour of other things, such as building the product & growing revenue. As a leader in a small company, it is relatively easy to assess salary fairness, opportunities for growth are obvious, and it is easy to mentor within a close knit team. However as the company grows, supporting career development becomes harder, and movement in the employment market often leads to unintentional salary unfairness. Career ladders & salary bands are a well known way to introduce some level of structure to people’s roles, and their future growth. However ladders still contain ambiguity and bands don’t solve fairness issues.

At Redbubble we have been working on introducing an impact model for assessing contribution and a skills model for helping with personal career growth. We’ll give an overview of our experiences building and rolling out the model at scale, including the pitfalls, and also highlight how we use the model during hiring.